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Changes Coming to Home Banking
We are bringing even stronger safeguards to your online banking account October 9th.
When this security enhancement is complete, you will be prompted to take two quick steps:
1. Ensure your login is strong
After you log in as you normally do, the system will review the strength of your username and password. If your current login does not meet the upgraded security requirements, you will be asked to create a new username and/or password.
2. Obtain an access code
You will be asked to provide a phone number where you can immediately receive an access code via text and/or automated voice message. A new access code will be required each time you log in on a computer or mobile device not recognized by the system.

You will be prompted to take these steps the first time you log in to home banking after the upgrade is complete.
We are pleased to deliver this security upgrade to make it even safer for you to manage your money online.
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For security reasons, the recommended browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

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